Rebuilding a piano like new!

As of October 2021 we are only rebuilding our own pianos for resale.  Restringing and action restoration are still available to the general public.

Rebuilding a piano is the process of restoring a piano to a like new condition. Each rebuilding job is unique and individually assessed. Some examples of typical rebuilding work are as follows:

     Repairing or replacing the soundboard

     Replacing the pin block, tuning pins, and strings

     Replacing key frame felt

     Replacing the whippens, hammer shanks, and hammers

     Regulating the action

     Repairing and regulating the pedal assembly

     Refinishing the soundboard, plate, hardware, and piano case

You can be assured that your piano is rebuilt correctly by our Registered Piano Technicians at Ello Piano Service.

See our BEFORE and AFTER photos of a rebuilt Steinway grand piano below.

Steinway Grand Before Rebuilding
Steinway Grand Before Rebuilding
Steinway Grand After Rebuilding
Steinway Grand After Rebuilding